Bayerischer Landtag

The Bavarian State Parliament is one of Europe’s oldest parliaments. In 2011 the district administration decided to introduce a clear, more consistent image and commissioned Abc&D with the development of a brand expertise of the Bayerischer Landtag as a first step.

A uniform corporate design – from the design of the printed products to its online presence – was meant to raise the Bavarian State Parliament’s public awareness. Because of the House’s importance, it was particularly necessary to develop a design that clearly and concisely communicates and emphasizes the Parliament administration's transparency to its citizens. The new appearance stands for the Bavarian State Parliament as a whole, as well as for the district administration. The Bavarian state’s coat of arms was a central component in Abc&D’s design proposal.

By establishing a clear layout principle, a modern, high-quality visual language, and citing the house’s architecture an image emerged that presents the Parliament as a contemporary, friendly, and people-orientated institution.

Abc&D’s competition entry reached the final round of Free State Bavaria’s Europe-wide call for entries.

baylandtag_09 baylandtag_10